Quote subtlety in social media


Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media structure, posting quotes is a fun pasttime. Quotes can bring back a feeling or memory from another time. Quotes can point out how often the same themes and principles come up. Often quotes from television, movies, songs or high profile people in the spotlight can spin a tale that’s fun for you and your followers to unravel.

I started using Twitter to goof off with my college friends. We would send obscure quotes from the 80s and 90s to see who had the most useless trivia in their heads. The harder it was to guess, the more respect the quoter would get. Also, the longer the quote thread could go without revealing the source, the more fun we had. Quotes that were too popular or too simple brought mockery. ]

When, however, an obscure quote or line is posted, the best way to show that you understand is to reciprocate with a quote or line of your own. For example, the correct response to: “We were below the hard-deck for just a few seconds. I had the shot. There was no danger, so I took it.” would be, “So you took it? AND BROKE A MAJOR RULE OF ENGAGEMENT???????” not, “Top Gun!” Try to respond to clever with clever.

Don’t spoil the fun for everyone else.