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Fantasy Trader

Fantasy Trader is a game I designed that was never built, for a company that no longer exists.  The goal was to demonstrate new technologies in a reference architecture as part of our Enterprise Architecture group.

Working with a team of enterprise architects, we identified our reference architecture - opportunities and technologies that would help our company evolve our Dev/Ops strategies.

My role in the enterprise architecture team included writing and editing a quarterly newsletters describing tools we were introducing including:

  • Rest services documented with Swagger,
  • Logging with Logstash/Elasticsearch/Kibana, 
  • A proprietary service security architecture to secure at the service level instead of at the UI level,
  • Microservices leveraging for service registration and discovery, and
  • Infrastructure as a service using Ansible.

The Fantasy Trader game was designed to include Angular, Bootstrap, mobile responsive design, and several underlying technologies, to be used as a demonstration and learning environment for our developers.

I was responsible for designing the gameplay and rules that would help us demonstrate the target technologies, as well as provide a compelling experience.  I developed an interactive user interface prototype in Axure to support the mobile responsive application, and presented the game and ideas behind it to Senior Management and developer audiences.

Common Login

In 2018/2019, Sun Life Financial was integrating a recently purchased organization, including their business, clients, systems and data into a single online experience.

The integration of two business initially led to a suboptimal user experience, with Clients unsure which login or system to use to access their data, and even multiple logins to span the systems.  Our solution was to bring together the accounts to focus on the individual, and create a single login that would intelligently route the user to the system with their data.

Our business objective was to consolidate the authentication services from 3 or more systems into a single source of truth that can be leveraged for all existing and planned applications.  In my role in UX, I worked with the business owners, business systems analysts, development, data solutions, quality assurance and security to ensure our solution met the goals of both the business and our users, and was usable, accessible and mobile responsive.

The new authentication application is a singe includes:

  • Registration for multiple roles
  • Login
  • Profile management
  • Username and password recovery

My tasks on the agile team included business process engineering a streamlined registration process that met all of our security and privacy requirements, while giving the user in control through feedback and clear user goals ever step of the process.  I created prototypes in Axure and used both to test concepts and usability through the lifetime of the project.  Once the newly branded design was approved, I wrote the HTML and CSS, using the bootstrap framework to support our development team.


ScienceMusicVideos produces a successful AP Bio prep application on both iOS and Android.  Their first generation application was functional and sufficient to test the market.  As they were looking at updating the application, they considered their strategy including monetization, usability, branding and leveraging the mobile interface standards.

After a usability review of the current application, I proposed new branding (incorporating their existing color palette), new interaction patterns, and new organization of the application, leveraging iOS human interface guidelines in the prototype.

I created a prototype using Sketch and InVision and worked with the developers to deliver a style guide that could be used to continue development of their app.

The new design is in development now.