(Originally created August 20, 2007)

In 1999, I was a 30-something user experience architect (though we didn't use that term those days) toiling for a national retailer.  Gloria Gery, author and consultant, saw potential in me and recommended me to the American Society for Training and Development's article on up and coming folks in the industry.

This feature, short though it was and misspelling my name and all, led to greater exposure and a hunger to do more.  As an indirect result, I left that company, formed my own consultancy, joined another consultancy and finally landed my dream job.  Thank you Gloria!


This is the beginning of an article outline/proposal I've been mulling over.  I will continue developing until it escapes...

“The human mind is exquisitely tailored to make sense of the world.

Give it the slightest clue and off it goes, providing explanation,

rationalization, understanding.”

- Donald Norman


We all think we know how the world works.  In fact, in psychology, the terms assimilation and accommodation are used to describe the process of adding a new bit of information to what we already know.  In assimilation, we take a new bit of information and add it to our existing mental model of how the world works.  In accommodation, we take the new bit of information and change an existing mental model or create a brand new one to explain the new knowledge we have.

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